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Together We Are Able To Do Everything

Paramedic Mateusz Pitiło of Wałbrzych ambulance service shares the story of his stroke journey.

Equipa é cérebro

When a highly motivated stroke team joins forces with a highly motivated team of paramedics, it results in better outcomes for patients, and diamond awards all round.

Seven Diamonds For Hungary

The stories of two rescue volunteers, 100 years apart, provide clues to the beginning and the future of prehospital care in Hungary, whose national ambulance service has swept the board in the 2023 EMS Angels Awards.

One Team, One Dream

A single protocol for hospital and prehospital stroke care, and a spirit of collegiality between doctors and paramedics, are behind Malaysia’s first EMS Angels Award.

In The Service Of Others

The story of WSO President-Elect Dr Jeyaraj Pandian is also the story of Christian Medical College Ludhiana. This was where his life took a decisive turn when he discovered his passion for stroke, and from where he continues to serve others in the way the founders intended.

FAST Heroes Unleashed In Malaysia

FAST Heroes characters stole the show during the Malaysia Stroke Council’s Stroke Awareness Fun Run, writes Angels team leader Elva Phan.